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Fruit & Plant

The raspberry is an edible fruit on a wide number of plant types within a particular family. Although they have various fancy botanical names all these plants are also called Raspberry, like the fruit which grows on them. The name was originally used by people to refer to a specific type of European plant with red fruit (Rubus idaeus). The name became the standard English title for the whole family. Farmers also refer to the raspberry plants as canes.

Our Canes

Here at Conroy's we grow our raspberries in the open air where the fruit ripens in the natural sunshine, without the use of poly tunnels. We have chosen raspberry canes specially cultivated in Scotland for their hardiness and high quality yield. The hardiness of these Scottish varieties is of benefit in the Irish climate and the two we use are Glen Moy and Glen Ample. The Glen Moy fruits extra early so that we can expect to start picking our first raspberries by the end of June. The large fruits have an excellent flavour. Glen Ample is the best and heaviest cropping of the mid-season raspberries. These canes produce a full sweet raspberry that is ripe from the first week of July with generous crops running into early August.

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Raspberry Rows with view of Powerscourt